Bret Victor


I would like to thank Bret Victor to come to our class and talk to us about computer programming, I like how he showed us the program he made him self that makes programming easier. I think his is idea about changing the code with sliding the mouse to the left or to the right to see what the code did was cool. I think this will make people learn computer programming easier.




Final Project

I worked on the final project of SPCS with Olivia Sun, our game is called “Feed the Seagulls”. We got our idea when we went on a filed trip to the Exploratorium last week. We were hungry so we went out side to eat, and we started feeding the birds. We realized that only the pigeons are getting the food, the seagull stayed back starving, while the pigeons eat. So we came up with this idea about feeding the seagulls food. We searched online to see if there is already a game for it, but there is none.

Start game by right click…

Feed sea

Play the game…

feed snip

When you lose… right click to play again…


We did the easy version prototype of our game, basically we use the pigeons as barriers and move them up and down. The objective is to try to feed the seagulls, because the food moves in a certain speed, so the player have to time it right while trying to not be blocked by the pigeons. Our clever version is probably making both the pigeons and the seagulls freely, instead just moving them up and down, they can go in all directions. And finally our technology advanced version of prototype, will be feeding the seagulls to get more money sop you can go buy more food to level up and also maybe they can level up and have more pigeons.



Person:   Person

Pigeon:     pig

Seagull:    seagull

Box Life

Today with the help of my friends, Akane and Rohan. I was able to create an image by making the computer to recognize the color of the pixel and randomly create small circles and form an image. It was pretty cool, thanks to the people who explained to me~

boxlife 3 boxlife2 boxlife1


Last Friday we used Arduino, I accidentally glued my breadboard backwards. I was glad that I didn’t break it, it still works. I was just confused, because the wires lengths will be opposite, so it was different from the diagram. But it was a really fun experience, I will definitely continue to use Arduino after the camp~ ^_^


Bouncing Balls

Yesterday my partners and I, created 4 different types of balls that goes in different direction. The red ball is horizontal, the green ball goes vertically. The blue ball goes horizontally. And lastly, the yellow balls will move only if clicked. We encountered some challenges, for example the ball goes past the black background and doesn’t come back.

It was pretty fun~~

Bouncing Ball 

Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I would like to make a simple computer game. My game will be about marshmallows or maybe fireworks. My game will be played by two people competing with each other. One player using the arrows up, down, left, and right. The other player using W, S, A, D. They both will have one minute to take the marshmallows off the branch. The marshmallows will have different colors, white for up(W), green for right(A), yellow for left(D), and burnt for down(S). The number of marshmallows will be calculated, the player with the most number of marshmallow wins.

The player will learn about reaction time, which is related to the neuron system. From this they’ll know how they get the color information from their eyes using sensory neurons, which sends the information to their brain and spinal cord, which is the interneurons, which then was received and was stimulated, then they stimulate other neurons to your motor neurons, which sends information from interneurons to their muscle to let the player press the key that corresponds to the color and gain a point.

This game is interactive, it is a multiplier game, the player will be able to press keys that corresponds the color, to gain points to win.

This games corresponds to the Exploratorium, because they were having a project which you built your own motion motor, I came up with a spinning marshmallows that goes up and down.